From 10 December 2018, those wishing to participate in the XXV-th international scientific and technical conference (RLNC*2019) must complete the registration procedure by filling out the form on the website. Also from December 10, 2018 the form of adding reports is available. The information letter of the conference and the requirements for registration of reports can be found on the main page of the website.

Users already registered on the conference website do not need to re-register. Registered users can log in the personal account using their credentials and add reports. Also, in your account they will be available to sponsors that have been added during the submission of reports at the last conference. You do not need to add them again.

Before adding a new co-author, check if he is already in the list of all authors on the page of submission!


If you have registered on the site, but for some reason can not log in to your personal account, contact technical support or restore your password using the appropriate form on the site.

10 December 2018